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07.09.2010 : KeMeK Pledges to Support
10.13.2008 : KeMeK Production Network Opens New Office - 541 Main, Union WV
07.12.2008 : KMK.ORG, aka KeMeK Philanthropy v0.9 is Alive!
08.08.2007 : KeMeK Production Network Begins 8th Year of Existence
10.26.2005 : KeMeK Technology is Live and To the Public!
01.23.2004 : IFP Los Angeles Film Festival and The Festival Rag Announce Partnership
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WebProNews - Making the Web...Smarter!

A collective of concerned individuals – endeavoring to prevent hydraulic fracking from contaminating our water supply and irreversibly damaging the ecosystem. Currently focused on the proposed use of hydraulic fracture in the marcellus shale beds of Monroe County, WV – a karst region. Unfortunately, hydraulic fracture has already left behind a wake of documented disaster – in an effort to open the hearts, minds and eyes of our neighbors, our friends, and our leaders – the site will serve to share and distribute information.

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KeMeK OneSheet - Marketeting | Web | Technology | Events | NYC

KeMeK has a wide range of expertise and interests, created and made possible by a collective of human and material resources, found here and abroad. The best mix of key resources is chosen for each project, providing incredible specificity and flexibility.

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KeMeK.Philanthropy : Support, Aid, Community & Social Development, Giving, and Charity Events

KeMeK and the kV.Alliance come together to participate in community and social development, charity events and charitable giving, support, aid, and other forms of philanthropy worldwide. KeMeK will always contribute a portion of every dollar it makes to charitable causes.

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Production Network - Enterprising Event Production - Events, Conferences, Seminars, Films, TV Shows, Theater...

The Production.Network focuses its energy broadly, in creating successful and impactful events for a wide range of clients and projects. We produce and particpate in nightlife, corporate networking, conferencing, theater, film, comedy, and TV!

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Marketing Laboratories - Dynamic Marketing Solutions - Online Marketing, PPC, Paid Searcg, SEO, Gorilla, Grassroots, Social, PR, Billboards, Analytics; Marketing Consulting and Strategic Campiagn Development

The Marketing.Laboratories helps clients with diverse marketing campaigns, leveraging the other branches for event production and online development - however, the focus here is tight, trackable online campaigns that show immediate return on your investment.

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Development Studios - Progressive Web Design & Development - Web and Application Development; Flash, AJAX, .NET, PHP, DRM or Digital Rights Management plus 3D, CAD, Engineeering, Architecture and beyond.

The Development.Studios have a sole mission - to build anything our clients wish to be built. We develop enterprise-class applications, databases, e-commerce machines, websites, movies, interactive training experiences, and most anything else you may imagine.

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KeMeK Technology - Inexpensive yet Incredible Technology Tools - Web Hosting, Email, SSL, Online File Folder, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Firewalls

KeMeK Technology offers a rare combination - wildly inexpensive yet incredibly robust and reliable technology to enable any online business to develop and grow. Domain registration, site hosting, email accounts, SSL certificates, merchant accounts, shopping carts, marketing tools.

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Threshold Theater - HD Media Broker & High-Def Custom Production

Threshold Theater is a boutique production shop offering a wide variety of high-definition video products and services. Their innovative video installations cater specifically to those seeking to add a touch of serenity and/or style to their hotel, restaurant, spa, office or home. Threshold combines visual imagery from nature with interior design using state-of-the-art technology - their integrated approach produces a sophisticated and elegant environment that soothes guests and creates an atmosphere of tranquility.

RACS - Custom Radio and Audio Imaging
Rick Allen Creative Services is one of the largest suppliers of radio station imaging tools in the world - that means they make the sounds that make a radio station click, pop, bang, and boom. Their unique brand, studios, and personalities have earned them rank on many of the biggest stations in the nation, including NYC's Power 105.1 - New York's New #1 for Hip-Hop and R&B.
ClimaxFX Broadcast Imaging

Rick Allen Creative Services presents award-winning broadcast imaging. ClimaxFX is one of the largest and more respected production libraries for radio imaging and promotion. Across the United States and around the world, hundreds of radio stations have experienced the ultimate pleasure of producing with CLIMAX.

Agent26 Pictures - NYC Independent Film Studio
Agent 26 Pictures is a maverick film production company out of New York, helmed by writer/director Daniel Wasserman, with a roster of provocative short films that have gained attention from film festivals and Microcinema events coast-to-coast. The talented team of New York and Hollywood filmmakers now venture into bold feature films with the vision of fusing innovative storytelling with social consciousness. Agent 26 is a cinematic vanguard poised to create large waves through the world of independent film.
Livable Lovable Life - NYC Therapeutic Life Coaching and Counseling
Therapeutic Life Coaching, Counseling and Parenting-related services in Manhattan. I respect and recognize my clients' need for privacy, strict confidentiality, and convenience. Your choices, thoughts, dreams, and fantasies won't be judged. I will listen and help you to understand and live through or with them.
Matt Siren - Illustration, Design, Street Art
Matt Siren hails from the NYC of old, when decadence reigned the streets, when graffiti was rampant and hookers ruled 42nd Street. His work has recently been finding its way into galleries as well as people's homes. As long as there is an appreciation for the female form and flying skulls, Matt Siren will continue to create for the masses.
Charlie Gaeta - New York Stand-Up Comedy, NYC Comedy Show Production
Charlie Gaeta is all at once an unlikely character and poster child for New York comedy - born and raised in North Carolina, he brings a specific form of hilarity to the stand-up stages of the Apple. Bound for sitcom-land, you'll see him at 8pm on Tuesdays on some channel, sometime soon.
ClubPlanet - Global Clubs, Music, Nightlife
ClubPlanet is a premier global listings database of dance and club venues; it is a serious underground culture editorial power; it is a producer and promoter of world-class events; and it is community to tens of thousands of nightlife-goers.
Microsoft Certified Digital Rights Management (DRM) Provider is a leader in providing of Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solutions. They offer scalable DRM services for businesses of all sizes, and offer content creators a broad range of options to monetize and deliver their digital media assets. Safe, secure profit.
Bring It On! Tours - Global Party and Vacation Tour Operator, Ibiza
BringItOn! Tours orchestrates radical vacation travel packages geared to the global clubbing community. Highlight packages are summers in Ibiza, Spain - quite possibly, the most incredible party isle on the planet. Various packages include everything: flight, food, lodging, tours. Their guides know the scene well, and can lead you in the right direction from the moment you step off the plane.
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