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JOEDABOSS Magazine will release its first issue throughout the West Coast in late November, just in time for the Christmas shopping frenzy. Las Vegas entrepreneur, Joey Sanchez, hopes to reach a broader audience by making the publication free to the public. Additionally, the magazine will have a special focus on independent and up and coming artists. “Hip-Hop was founded by independent artists but the music business today makes it almost impossible for an independent artist to receive any recognition,” says CEO Joey Sanchez.

With artists such as DMX appearing on the cover, the content is sure to be exciting and enjoyable for all music fans. Inside, fans will be able to find interviews with their favorite artists as well as the latest in fashion, must have tech-toys, and the automobiles of choice for Music’s biggest names. However, one of the most exciting features of JoeDaBoss Magazine is that every issue will contain a free CD of the newest and hottest Hip-Hop and R&B music. Executive Editor, Nadia Jaafar, tells us that “The goal of JoeDaBoss is to become a medium that allows new artists to reach as many potential fans as possible.” In addition to helping starting musicians, JoeDaBoss will also sponsor contests for journalism, poetry, photography, and art to show how important every form of self-expression is to our schools and to our society.

JoeDaBoss Magazine will hit store shelves and popular music venues just before thanksgiving but if you cant wait till then you can get the latest in Hip-Hop at their website, With all of the great features that JoeDaBoss magazine offers, it will quickly become the ultimate resource for every Hip-Hop or R&B artist and fan alike.

For more information contact:

c/o Joey Sanchez
Office: 702.429.0064
Fax: 702.364-2007

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